Donnie D'Amato B.F.A., M.A.

Senior UX Engineer based in New York City
Expert in rapid, high-fidelity interaction prototyping
and framework agnostic web components

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When form meets function

I began as an artist with a goal; making creative interactions. Before the introduction of the personal computer, I'd spend a lot of resources on my work with little exposure. Technology advanced and I began using digital mediums to try new ideas; finally landing in the web.

After 20 years of writing code, I've found my purpose in life; to not only produce but to also pass this knowledge to others.

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As an instructor, I've gotten wonderful feedback from my students. My teaching style is unorthodox but very effective in comforting non-programmers into handling code confidently.

I went from hating programming post-college, to strongly reconsidering a career as a programmer.

— Akeem Lawrence

Donnie rolled through the basics, drew some boxes on the chalk board, and brought a whole room of beginners up to speed and had us coding within an hour.

— Logan Willams
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Work Samples

The following embeds are a few small components and interactions I've built. The majority of my public work is onset by inspiration from other artists, a need that I've identified or, simply learning a new technique.

See the Pen spritz-like speed-reading by Donnie D'Amato (@fauxserious) on CodePen.

See the Pen simple-grid by Donnie D'Amato (@fauxserious) on CodePen.

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