Donnie has a skill of looking at a situation and finding a more efficient way of approaching it.

― Mike Abatiello, Manager










Here's the scoop

I’ve always been interested in art and design. Until the web, that work needed a lot of resources and it was difficult sharing the results. Now, with just a computer and a little inspiration, I can display my passion to the world, as people interact with one front end at a time.



Master of Arts

New York Institute of Technology

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For the love of it


Have you ever wanted the weather to notify you when it was going to change instead of checking the weather every day? This is a service that provides an RSS feed of weather for your geolocation. Because it’s a feed, you can use any type of RSS feed ingestion service to get the updates. You can even set up notifications using IFTTT or Zapier.

Passion meets necessity


  • Front End Web Application Developer
  • Lead UI Designer
  • Mobile Development Liasion
  • Information Architect
  • Assistant Product Manager
  • Assistant Hiring Manager
  • Physical Security Consultant
  • Trade Show Porter

This company’s focus was originally on taking paper and digital receipts and converting the file into structured data that can be sorted, filtered and exported into other systems. My focus was primarily creating an intuitive and attractive interface but expanded into handling the overall look and feel of the company’s products and image.

New York Institute of Technology

Adjunct Professor, Live Event Production

A new curriculum was developed that harnesses the power of social journalism. The goal was to include students, teachers and others outside of the institution by submitting on-location video reports to the channel. The class would then aggregate those reports into a live news show. My experience in live event production was instrumental in the development of this program, between my talent management and audio / visual technical skills.

United Parcel Service


I began working as a part-time data entry clerk but my career escalated quickly into investigations. Having my own office and being responsible for all of Manhattan’s security related events in my mid-twenties was an incredible experience. I ended up finding my niche by gravitating to the technologies and became an expert on internal systems; tracking, accounts, payroll, etc for use in investigations.